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Bible Meditations for Hard Times (An Online Zoom Class)
with Gail Albert PhD, Fridays 1-2 pm, 2020

Judaism says that God—whatever we mean by that Mystery—speaks to us through the Torah. In this group, we will be returning to the ancient tradition of meditating on the weekly reading of Torah to bring its words into ourselves emotionally and spiritually. Our aim is to soften our hearts and open our souls for comfort, support, and guidance in this very difficult time.

To take this zoom class, go to the website of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation,  Scroll down below the photograph to "Announcing our WJC 'Cyber Shul.'" Click "Learn More" and register.  You will then be sent an email to join the class, and you can use that same link each week.

Gail Albert is a clinical psychologist and long-time teacher of Jewish meditation practices. She is the author of the Torah commentary and meditation guide “Mending the Heart, Tending the Soul: Directions to the Garden Within.” 

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