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I experience the natural world as shimmering with an ineffable otherness that fills the world with glory and a sense of harmony despite the pains of existence. An inexplicable mystery lies behind the details of these spiritual photographs. 

The bog in this portfolio, perhaps ¾ acre, lies behind some woods at the end of my long backyard in Woodstock NY. The bog is wild, primeval, mysterious even on a casual visit. 


In the course of a year, I have recorded its changes: trees of all sizes fall; water rises or ebbs; reflected images pretend solidity; landmarks disappear under flooding or greenery, or are browsed to the ground by starving winter deer.


The bog has become my intimate companion.  It mirrors my preoccupation with impermanence and mortality as I age, and my awareness of the unpredictable paths life takes. But the bog also sits in a hollow that was left when the glaciers retreated.  So it holds the memory of ages past even as the landscape shapeshifts.  As I watch, I offer thanks for its presence here now, and for the indefinable mystery that persists.

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